Upcoming training program: What Matters: Imagine YOU One-to-One

Announcing our newest training program, What Matters: Imagine YOU One-to-One.

Join us for a stimulating and dynamic training on Wednesday afternoon, March 29, 2017 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm in Santa Rosa at the Via Esperanza Center at Lawrence Cook Middle School.

Learn to ASK your clients, members what matters most to them in their lives.

Learn to LINK your program goals to what matters most to them.

Teach staff or volunteers how to ask “What matters to you?”

Engage clients,members in using the Imagine YOU method, to create their own Image of Health.

Integrate What Matters and your client’s/member’s Image of Health with your activities including:

    • Starting a What Matters: Imagine YOU pilot with staff, clients, or members.
    • Developing an internal support team.
    • Identifying outcome goals for your What Matters: Imagine YOU effort.
    • Staying connected with What Matters: Imagine YOU for ongoing support.

    For more more information: What Matters: Imagine YOU training packet